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Session at the Dynamic Neurofeedback Unit

In the office or at home, I offer individual sessions or the possibility of taking a package of several sessions.


Rent the NeurOptimal® system

I also offer you the rental of the NeurOptimal® Dynamic Neurofeedback system to use it at home during your favorite moments without having to make an appointment or leave your home!

Your whole family will be able to use it in peace.

The software being completely autonomous , you can use it easily after my initial "express training" and my follow-up at all times to support you remotely if necessary.

The rental can be done by the week or at least full *:

1 week = $ 400

2 weeks = $ 750

1 month (4 weeks) = $ 1,000

*Net price

* Proof of home insurance will be required  

* Provide $ 200 guarantee, refunded upon return of equipment

contact me  to find out the next system availability date (click on More information) 

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