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The benefits of Dynamic Neurofeedback ®


What reality in 2021 for employees?

More and more employees are suffering from acute stress and anxiety, feelings of isolation and concern related to their mental health, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lack of sleep, irritability , chronic pain or family problems
  and personal are all disruptive elements for your employee. The quality of his work or his investment within your structure can thus be impacted and consequently impact your business.

Do you know about the "Well-being in business" programs? (source

These programs create a profitable working environment, in which healthier employees experience increased happiness and, consequently, increased productivity. A serene and relaxed employee is irreparably an added value for your company.

Here are some of the results:

  • 11% increase in revenue per employee

  • Decrease of 1.8 days of absence per employee per year

  • 28% increase in return for shareholders

  • For every dollar spent on wellness programs, while:

    • medical costs drop by about $ 3.27 and

    • absenteeism costs decrease by approximately $ 2.73  1

My well-being solution for your employees  

Our brains have the ability to function optimally, but very often our central nervous system is affected by the challenges of everyday life.

Dynamic Neurofeedbak sessions are able to help your employees let go and relax in a safe and non-invasive way.

During a brain training session with NeurOptimal®, I install two sensors on the scalp and 3 clamps on the ears in order to capture brain activity in real time. 

The client is comfortably seated in an armchair and listens to music or watches a movie.

Through brief interruptions in the music, the system prompts the brain to self-regulate into a more optimal, relaxed, and efficient pattern.

After a 33-minute session, relaxation is present, you feel regenerated, resilient and more inclined to face the challenges of everyday life.

Two Dynamic Neurofeedback systems are available, allowing your employees to benefit from two sessions at the same time.

Subsequently, if your employees are interested in redoing sessions for themselves or a member of their family, I offer a 15% reduction on the regular rates for my services.

Send me a quote request below with details so that I can send you your personalized offer according to YOUR needs:


I can also come during the lunch break for a more detailed presentation to your employees and yourself for FREE, lasting up to 1 hour or a volunteer can test the system at the same time.

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