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The benefits of Dynamical Neurofeedback ®

After several brain training sessions with NeurOptimal, you may observe an improvement in the disorders below depending on the plasticity of your brain, they are all unique and react differently !

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

  • Physiological: sleep, migraines, fatigue, pain, dizziness, fibromyalgia.

  • Learning: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysphasia, dysorthography ...

  • Mood: stress, depression, negative thoughts, lack of self-confidence, hyper-emotionality.

  • Behavior : aggressiveness, anger, violence, hyperactivity, impulsivity, phobias, burn-out.

  • Cognitive: poor memory, lack of concentration

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For children of all ages! Accessible from birth to relieve stress and anxiety attacks for babies but also for children of school age who have learning difficulties, concentration, DYS disorders, ASD, AD / HD or even hypersensitivity .



Our teenagers are also affected! Whether it is to manage their exam stress, gain creativity, feel self-confidence when it comes to speaking in class or even face the challenges of socialization linked to the pandemic, I will be able to support them with the dynamic neurofeedbak.

Qui peut l'utiliser?

The adults

Adults without any special restrictions! Whether you simply want to feel well-being, resilience and flexibility in your daily life or whether you have particular disabling symptoms that prevent you from moving forward. To try it is to adopt it !



The NeurOptimal method can be part of your sports routine as it is the case for some high level athletes, you will be able to gain in concentration, Focus, physical recovery etc ...

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NeurOptimal® étant un système bien-être, il peut être utilisé aussi souvent qu'on le souhaite !

Vous pouvez l'intégrer à votre routine sportive de la même façon que vous entraînez votre corps dans un but de garder votre forme physique, il s'agira d'entretenir votre cerveau à l'aide de l'entraînement cérébral.

 Vous recherchez un gain de performance sportive au niveau de votre focus, votre concentration ou bien encore votre récupération physique ?

Le neurofeedback dynamique fait partie de la routine sportive pour de nombreux athlètes, pourquoi pas la vôtre?

Visionnez les témoignages des grands sportifs de haut niveau ci-dessous.

NeurOptimal et le sport
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