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The benefits of Dynamical Neurofeedback ®

                       A VERY RELAXING EXPERIENCE

The various complaints that we all suffer from can be taken as signs that the brain is not functioning at its optimal level .

It doesn't matter if you are looking for changes on a physical, emotional or mental level, your brain is in control of your body.

To benefit from the non-linear (dynamic) Neurofeedback sessions you do not have  necessarily need to have health problems.

During our first meeting we will have an exchange on the reason (s) for your coming, you will be able to ask all your questions and complete two quick forms before starting.

There will be no diagnosis or established protocol, the operation of the software is the same for everyone.

  Instead of targeting specific symptoms, NeurOptimal ® focuses on optimizing overall brain function. This approach naturally improves most complaints, regardless of their source.

You will be comfortably seated in an armchair for 33 minutes .

5 sensors placed on the head (2 on the scalp and 3 on the ears) detect brain electrical activity 256 times / second and inform the brain of its variations through conditioning: a brief interruption of the music you are listening to or the movie you are watching.

You don't have to do anything, just enjoy YOUR moment.

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